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Francis Wojcienchowski, better known as "Alto Clef" or Agent "Ukelele", (fl. 1981-) is an enigmatic SCP Foundation doctor that currently serves as the Director of the Department of Training and Development. Clef is well known for efficient terminations of dangerous SCPs, as well as his eccentric personality, hat, and ukulele.



C███ was recruited to the United Nations' Global Occult Coalition in 1981, likely under the PHYSICS Division; he was assigned the serial number of "09976657-Cobalt-Triplet-Finnegan", and the codename of "Ukelele". A year later, he earned the Silver Aegis for the successful termination of KTE-5988-Red despite severe losses to his team, including operative Mortimer X.

During his service, he managed to eliminate KTE-0467-White with the creative use of a mountain lion, as well as KTE-9245-Pink by unknown means. Ukelele also became a certified instructor at the Lanthanide Hills Training Facility, educating recruits on Type Green KTEs. He spoke to Colonel Richard Adams about his past on a few separate occasions, but gave a different story every time.[4] Ukelele also discovered the identities of the SCP Foundation's O5 Council, writing them in his journal, as well as theorized methods to find them.[5]

In 1986, Ukelele failed to contain KTE-7859-Silver, which resulted in numerous deaths. Two years later, he took a sabbatical, and in 1989 he was promoted to Specialist Operative. In the 1990s, Ukelele destroyed KTE-9927-Black with the use of KTE-9927-Blackchild as a bargaining chip, luring her out and shooting 9927-Black in the head, though was unable to kill 9927-Blackchild due to severe injury. In the 2000s, Ukelele made his 99th confirmed kill with the death of KTE-10734-Green, before requesting to retire from active duty, which was granted.[4]


After publishing a research article on human semen in the use of a redacted action, C███ was recruited to the SCP Foundation by a female agent, as the article involved an instance of an SCP. Considering his seeming repulsiveness to most women, it remains unknown how exactly he convinced the agent to let him join the organization's Scientific Department. SCP-447 was also captured with the recruitment of C███, with him assigned as the research head. He earned his nickname of "Alto Clef" due to his signature on reports being that of a stylized Alto Clef note, as well as telling others that his true name was that of an A chord played on a ukulele.[6]

239 Incident

The O5 Council began looking into Clef's past after the SCP-239 Incident, where Clef penetrated several layers of security in order to terminate SCP-239. He sustained numerous injuries, though the Council discovered links to a former GOC agent named "Ukelele." Clef was soon after promoted to Director of the Department of Training and Development to further utilize his skills.[6]

Alternate realities

Broken Masquerade

At some point after the North Korean Incident which destroyed North Korea and revealed the existence of the anomalous to the world, Dr. Clef was interviewed by television host Oprah Winfrey. The morals of the SCP Foundation were questioned by Oprah, particularly why their work was done secretly. Clef stated that they do things differently now but still study, simply answering "Korea" to Oprah asking why they continue still.[7]


Anomalous abilities



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