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O5-13 is the thirteenth member of the O5 Council, the ruling council of the SCP Foundation. As with other O5 members, O5-13 is an enigmatic figure, who's true identity and appearance are completely unknown to the rest of the Foundation, save for the rest of the Council and select individuals. In spite of this, there are several theories as to O5-13's identity and appearance, ranging from being a group of people to simply only existing as a concept.

However, it is consistently believed among outsiders, such as Alison Chao, that the position of O5-13 wasn't founded in the original formation of the Council, but was added afterwards due to the number of 13 having occult power. Additionally, a tiebreaker would be necessary for various votes.

Possible identities

Shared history


At some point, O5-13 attempted to access SCP-2317's SCiPnet file on a terminal. As an O5 Council member, they were required to enter their NATO phonetic user authentication (sIERRa tANGo CASpER 3CH0) and key phrase within sixty seconds, lest a Mobile Task Force deploy to their location. This key phrase was, "Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their party. I^H Because I would not stop for death he ^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H^H Death he kindly stopped for me. Red Sky in Morning Sailor take e^H wArning." This allowed O5-13 access to the completely unredacted file of SCP-2317.

After reading through it, O5-13 expunged the access records from the terminal.

Alternate realities


In a universe where SCP-3931 -- a thaumaturgic ritual that targets all life in the universe -- is discovered in November 2024, O5-13 confirmed on 12 November that a nuclear standoff between the United States and North Korea had been averted with little to no intervention.


The O5 Council held a vote to declassify SCP-6000 to the Global Occult Coalition for assistance in containment. O5-13 was one of four to vote "Nay", though the vote was passed 7-2-4. O5-13 was later absorbed into the Wanderer's Library alongside the rest of Universe-6000.