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Rama-Vaduk, titled The Glorious, is an entity that serves the Scarlet King, possessing one of his spears, specifically the one designated as KTE-2013-Alfa.



Though it is unknown when Rama-Vaduk was born, it is known that he served the Scarlet King for a length of time. His spirit was eventually bound to KTE-2013-Alfa, one of the Scarlet King's Spears.[1]


After the Spears' recovery in Johannesburg, South Africa by the Global Occult Coalition, the Spears were constantly transferred between various divisions of the GOC due to the spears causing extraordinary casualties among personnel.

During the Second King's Spears Incident, Rama-Vaduk possessed Leonard Marks, a research assistant with the PTOLOMY Division. He made contact with the spear and proceeded to induce a trance upon the entire wing of personnel. Rama-Vaduk gave a speech to the possessed individuals, either not noticing or being unable to perceive the cloaked Strike Team 1423 "Redcaps". Rama-Vaduk immediately received a banishment round to the head, killing Marks and sending the entity back to the spear.[1]


Rama-Vaduk has been described as narcissistic and histrionic by the Global Occult Coalition, having been seen delivering a speech to his possessed underlings. This narcissism can lead to his downfall, as he was unable to notice Strike Team 1423 "Redcaps" until he was struck with a banishment round.