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The Wanderer's Library, also known as Nx-01 by the SCP Foundation and SCP-6000 in an alternate universe that the Library assimilated, is a near-endless extradimensional library that catalogs almost all known information in the multiverse. Classified as a Dunwich-class Nexus, it is only accessible via Ways: dimensional doors that require specific rituals to use. Time flows differently within the Library; for example, O5-10 Diane Walters was gone for months in real time, but stayed for eons within the Library itself. The Library is also connected to other anomalous libraries such as SCP-1726,[1] and SCP-4001.[2]

The Library is headed by the Serpent and managed by the Librarians. Those who harm the Library or its denizens are typically turned into Librarians as punishment, though exceptions have been made before. It is also the home of the Serpent's Hand, an organization dedicated to freeing the anomalous from the grip of the Foundation and the Global Occult Coalition.


The Wanderer's Library is an interdimensional library which acts as the embodiment of all knowledge, and as new knowledge keeps being created, the Library also keeps growing. The Library is in fact a living Platonic projection of all the places in the world where every form of knowledge that exists is stored, and it is enveloped by the omniscient entity known as the Serpent who acts as the magical shell wrapping the entire Library, although the being itself might be metaphorical. Because of this, the appearance of the Library varies throughout the multiverse as it is subject to the visitors' perception of a mundane library or bookstore. The Library contains identical copies of every single book that was ever written throughout the multiverse, and includes books which were never written. Everyone is capable of entering the Library if they are clever enough to find the Ways which lead to it.

Although the space within the Library is near-infinite, with endless corridors and towering cylinders of bookshelves, it is in fact fractal, as it loops in on itself due to the interior continually changing; as a result, it is difficult to map out. As stated, the Library is big enough to store all knowledge, which itself is limited despite the great number of books existing throughout different worlds and universes.[3] Curiously, certain wings of the Library, such as the East Aera Wing, possess artificial day-night cycles as they were key to maintaining the magical and psychological function of many beings.[4]

The Wanderer's Library has also its own internet website, which acts as another Way. Internet users could use the website to enter the Wanderer's Library by uploading their minds into it and imagining the room they wanted to be.[5] After the SCP Foundation formed Site Anvil on the planet TRAPPIST-1e which was located far away from Earth, personnel stationed at the site discovered a Way leading to the Library in the data archives of Pendragon Base in 5 Anvil. Because this Way, later named Aachen, is located on another completely different planet, the personnel who traversed through it found the Library in a completely different appearance: several accessible sections were devoid of atmosphere, gravity, and light and dominated by massive corridors which branch into different corridors that run in all directions, often intersecting with one another, and are lined on all sides with iron objects resembling empty bookshelves. This creates a chaotic, three-dimensional matrix as corridors go on for kilometers until connecting with a nod, in intersections between six or more corridors would occasionally contain at the center a long tungsten cube. This version of the Library is also completely devoid of any Librarian, but while exploring it, Foundation personnel found a mysterious figurine of a Lemur-like creature holding a chessboard. [6]

Only a few individuals are capable of threatening the Library by their very existence, a few of those being SCP-017[7] and Karcist Halyna Ieva.[8]



The origin of how the Wanderer's Library came to be has been completely lost through time and there are only legends which describe how it came to be. It is largely accepted that the Wanderer's Library came to existence at the exact moment when the concept of knowledge was created. A popular legend tells that the Library was build by the Serpent on top of them, the Library resting on the Serpent's back while the Serpent resides beneath the Library.[9] However, when a wanderer came into contact with the Serpent themselves, they explained that they didn't in fact build the Library but both came into existence at the same time and have a symbiotic relationship.[10]

Attacks on the Library

Through time, the Library was attacked by various malevolent beings and people who sought to either take advantage of the valuable content stored within the Library or simply wished to completely destroy it along with their knowledge. When the Red King first rose to power, he tore an entire wing off of the Library, which something joyous that is now forever lost. The Unnamed One once led a schism in the Wordsmiths Guild, leading to the Library being nearly wrenched in half as the Unnamed One and its followers unleashed several monsters from dark tomes. The Unnamed One was eventually defeated, but not killed, leaving their followers the Namesmiths to try to summon it back. After the Hanged One reached his apotheosis, he began residing for a time within the Library, causing the Library to become more and more insular and depressive, eventually leading to the King taking away some of the Library's dark knowledge and storing that knowledge inside Alagadda's Black Vaults. After the Daevas' original universe was destroyed due to some unknown calamity, they fled to other universes which included the Library's founding before vanishing and leaving a text behind. Since the Library was possibly responsible for the calamity that resulted in the current state of the Daevas, they went to war with the Librarians and as the text expanded new records of the battles fought between the two factions appeared despite the oldest of the Librarians having no knowledge of such events ever occurring.[11] The entity known as the Black Moon also took some knowledge from the Library which caused the Librarians to become wary of it.[12]

There have also been organizations from various universes who had tried to pillage the Library. The first ones were the Magpies, also known as the "Collectors" similar to the Foundation, followed by the Chaos Insurgency who broke the Library's rules, leading to them being completely barred, but not before the Insurgency destroyed a section on paratechnology.

During the apocalyptic event known as the Great Searing, the laws of physics inside the Library began malfunctioning, causing the Ways to allow anyone to enter without the need of the Knock. This led to various hostile enemies trying to invade and pillage the Library, causing grave destruction and the deaths of countless Librarians and Wanderers. While the Librarians tried to fix the problem plaguing the Library, most Wanderers fought back against the invaders, such as Caesar's Eagles, breaking the absolute rule of no violence. Despite the massive destruction which befell the Library, the Librarians through the years were semi able to return it to its previous state, with peace being established once again and numerous Wanderers entering with no problem.[13]

Possible Endings

After the Serpent committed suicide due to growing tired of resetting the universe, its death caused to enter a state of disarray as almost all the Librarians had died. As the entire Library was slowly dying, only Uncy and a disillusioned Owlpede remained alive and still kept maintaining what was left of the Library. While continuing their works the two Librarians helped the wanderer known as Mirage by giving a book which would teach how to paint the world's greatest painting.

As the Foundation used SCP-3475 to erase the concept of the anomalous from the human noosphere, they inadvertently caused the entirety of humanity to slowly forget about everything. This resulted in great destruction not only throughout the world but even in the Wanderer's Library as SCP-2747 was able to manifest itself and consume parts of the Library. As every being became lost as a result of SCP-3475, the only wanderers who still retained their senses were X.N. and H.Y.U..

As the Foundation ascended through the conceptual layers of reality to become SCP-4755, while using SCP-4736, the entire Library became completely vacant as all the wanderers dematerialized. With the Library now abandoned, the Librarians and the Serpent had lost their purpose and became in how to maintain the Library anymore.


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  • Brotherhood of Alchemists
  • Cousin Dan
  • Discera Multiversity
  • Lantern Kois
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  • Lintukasvihirviö
  • Masked Canines
  • Orchestrum Novae
  • Parcoons
  • Planasthai
  • Renallums
  • Serpent's Hand
  • Wordsmiths Guild

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